Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Syntek ­Energy & Control provides New ­Energy Solutions and Next ­Generation ­Monitoring & Control systems. 

Besides the procurement of PV monitoring components, the company also offers Programming of SCADA and  PLC solutions, as well as complete installation engineering. 

This enables the PV Operators to easily maintain control over PV performance. The following application example is based on the use of powerful web technology from atvise®:

560 kWp Integrated Solar PV-Biogas-Diesel Power Plant

PT Aruna Cahaya Pratama’s Biogas and Diesel Power Plant had been operating long ago before the Solar Power Plant was built on Bulan, a small island located 2.5 km southwest of Batam Island, Riau Islands. Being environmentally concerned, PT Aruna decided to build a Solar Power Plant that would not only operate independently but could also be integrated with previously built Biogas and Diesel Power Plants.

Syntek Solar took control of the development of hybrid solar panel systems, diesel and biogas generators. The solar PV system of 560 kWp was installed complete, with a monitoring system that can reliably control the three power plants as one unit and monitor them in real-time. In addition, the improved communication has significantly increased the security of the interconnected operation.

System Integrator: PT Syntek 
Industry: Energy
Project(s): solar Plants
Product: atvise® scada
Data source: Weidmüller
End customer: PT Aruna Cahaya Pratama