No licensing chaos with us

On the market, there are many licensing schemes with a great number of options that restrict users seeking to implement automation solutions. With atvise®, we take a different approach. Our goal is that users are able to make the best possible use of our products. For this reason, we offer a licensing model that focuses on the user.

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atvise license model

The atvise® licensing model

Full functionality

Our features and expansion modules can always be used in full, without any restrictions

No client licenses

For atvise® applications, only a server license is required. It's not necessary to obtain licenses for clients

Infinite tags

atvise® users are not limited in the number of tags they can use. This way, the hardware is the limit and not the license

An infinite number of engineering environments

Any number of developers can use the atvise® builder to work together on developing a licensed atvise® application. No additional licensing required

What you see is what you pay for

atvise® applications are licensed via so-called concurrent connected data points (CCD). This means that all variables simultaneously logged on to all connected clients are counted. And that's all we count in our licensing model.