Unlimited expandability

The atvise® core, based on web technologies and OPC UA, allows our products to interact with an almost unlimited variety of systems and solutions. In addition, we offer in-house expansion modules to add even more functionality to our products.

atvise® expansions

These solutions make atvise® hmi even better

atvise® connect

High-performance data acquisition for a variety of industrial controllers

atvise® elements

More than 4,000 vector graphics in over 60 categories for better UIs

Connection of LDAP to atvise® via Keycloak

atvise® LDAP

With this extension we provide a step-by-step guide for installing a Keycloak server to connect and configure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) users.

We describe in detail how a simple integration of LDAP can be realized by using the manufacturer-independent authentication mechanism OpenID Connect in combination with Keycloak.

After a simple registration, the guide is directly available here, free of charge.