What belongs together comes together

In combination with Bachmann operator terminals, atvise® becomes a complete solution for machine and plant visualization. The industrial-grade touch panels allow on-site operation and simultaneously function as a full-fledged HMI or SCADA server, which is also accessible to mobile clients via web browser in addition to the operator terminal.

All benefits at a glance

The benefits of our atvise® bundles

Scalable performance

More than 800 device configurations, ranging from low-end ARM CPUs to high-end Intel Core i7 CPUs

Brilliant multi-touch displays

High-quality displays with good usability and viewing angles ensure a great user experience

Everything on board

Coordinated products with operator terminals, visualization software and an industrial browser from a single source

Flexible architectures

With web and OPC UA as open interfaces, our bundles can be used in any architecture

Simple visualizations

With our Linux- and ARM-based operator terminals and atvise® hmi as the visualization software, our atvise® OT1200 HMI bundles offer a lot of visualization for little money. With a wide range of different diagonals from 7" to 15", on-site visualization size is appropriately scalable. In addition to the local visualization on the operator terminal, external web clients can be used.


Sophisticated visualizations

For more complex visualization tasks, our atvise® OT1300 HMI bundles are the right pick. The operator terminals are based on Windows and offer scalable performance with a wide range of Intel CPUs. This way atvise® hmi as a visualization software can be used to the full extend.


Higher-level visualizations

Our atvise® bundles are also optimally suited for higher-level control and monitoring tasks. With the high-performance Intel Core i7 CPUs and atvise® scada on board, our atvise® OT1300 SCADA bundles act as a control station, directly integrated in the operator terminal.


Tangible visualizations

The operator terminals of the OT1400 product series combine modern technology, flexibility, long-term availability and a modern design. Haptic operating elements such as buttons and witches can be freely selected and flexibly arranged on the device. The large selection of screen diagonals 15.6″ to 24″, performance classes and mass storage options ensure the optimal ratio between price and performance.


atvise® product features

Featureatvise® embeddedatvise® hmiatvise® scadaatvise® bundles
Web technology
Native web technology with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for visualization

Graphically supported online multi-user engineering with a diverse object catalog and consistent object orientation

State of the art with integrated management of certificates and encryption via SSL

Vertical Engineering
Consistent object orientation in the engineering of data structures


OPC UA server & client
Onboard OPC UA server and client with support for OPC UA DA, A&C, HA, Methods


Access Control
Fine grained control of permissions based on OPC UA Rights

Communication drivers
Integration of Siemens and Rockwell controllers as well as Modbus TCP, KNX, BACNet, SNMP and MQTT devices


Connection of databases
Interaction with databases via ODBC


Integration of web services
Interaction with web services via http


Integrated alarming
Alarm management with support for functions such as shelving, suppression and deactivation


Integrated archiving
Archiving of raw data with variously parameterizable ring buffers


Compression of raw data with more than 40 available aggregation functions, which can be nested as desired


Automatic generation of individual PDF-Reports

Server-side scripting
Integrated server-side scripting engine for process data processing


SCADA alarm technology
Dynamic enrichment and prevention of alarms with nestable alarm hierarchies



Hot-standby redundancy
Implementation of redundant atvise® applications for critical applications