Two servers are better than one

In response to the requirement for high availability, the world's first hot-standby redundancy in native web technology was implemented in atvise® scada. Hot standby means that one atvise® scada server always takes care of operational management while the other server is running in the background. If the active server is no longer available due to a hardware or power failure, the second server in the redundant network will take over seamlessly, without any loss of information.

The benefits of a failsafe system at a glance

The benefits of our atvise® redundancy

100 % synchronous runtime systems

The non-operating server is continuously updated as all process data is fully synchronized. This means that, with atvise® redundancy, the same live values, alarms and historical data are available on both servers.

Switchover without data loss

The targeted buffering of process data allows for loss-free switchovers when the operating server is changed.

Failsafe network connections

atvise® redundancy supports redundant connections to data sources, web clients and the server pair. This way, full network redundancy can be implemented in addition to software redundancy.

Failsafe data source connections

Support for redundant data source connections with automatic switchover mechanisms without loss of information if the active data source should ever fail.

Easy update rollout

Application updates can be installed quickly and easily via split operation. While one server remains in operation, the update can be imported and tested on the second server. Once the change has passed testing, the system will switch to redundant operation at the click of the mouse and the update will be synchronized with the second server automatically.

Ensuring optimum system availability

System health can be configured via parameterizable vital-status tables or other system statuses such as the current CPU utilization. Based on the prioritization of the vital-status tables, the redundant server pair is automatically switched over to the system offering the best overall availability.


With continuous redundancy in all communication interfaces, atvise® redundancy is optimally equipped for critical applications.


Full range of functions

atvise® users benefit from the full range of functions of atvise® scada in redundant projects as well. This way, all the strengths of atvise® can also be used without limitations or restrictions in redundant projects.