The right tool gets things going

Our atvise® builder is a real all-rounder when it comes to creating HMIs, plant visualizations or object-oriented engineering. With a focus on efficiency and simplicity, we provide a professional tool that ensures shorter engineering cycles with many well-designed assistants.

All benefits at a glance

The benefits of our atvise® builder

Expandable at any time

Online engineering allows project updates to be introduced during operation without interrupting running processes in the runtime system

Access from everywhere

Worldwide engineering access through the internet and OPC UA as interface

Efficient engineering of data structures

Consistent object orientation in the implementation of data structures with our vertical-engineering concept


With the atvise® builder, we offer a central engineering tool for all our products that allows for project contents such as graphic objects to be used with all our products

No additional costs

Our engineering tool can be used without restriction to offer atvise® users the best possible flexibility in implementing atvise® applications

Promotion of teamwork

With the support of online multi-user engineering, project teams can easily work together on a project

The atvise® object catalog

With a comprehensive set of graphical objects and numerous preconfigured visualization layouts with responsive-design support, our object library offers everything needed for the fast and efficient implementation of applications.

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atvise® in the energy industry

  • Visualization layout with freely configurable action buttons
  • Limitless zoom thanks to SVG-based graphic objects

atvise® in building automation

  • Individual home pages adjusted to the terminal or the user
  • Ready for mobile devices due to full responsive-design support

atvise® in plant construction

  • Fast access to alarm information through a fly-in alarm list
  • High-performance dynamization of graphic objects for smooth animation

atvise® in logistics

  • Freely configurable navigation object for the creation of primary and secondary navigation layers
  • Displayable fly-ins for clear presentation of process metrics

atvise® alarm list

  • Several alarm lists available for active, shelved, suppressed and disabled alarms
  • Detailed information displayable for greater density of information

atvise® historical list

  • Wide variety of available filter options for efficient data queries
  • Because large data queries are dynamically divided up with subsequent updates, the data will be immediately visible

atvise® trend module

  • Support of several Y-axes, various styles and integrated export functions in the web client
  • Based on the Highcharts library, which can be used to the fullest extent

atvise® trend configurator

  • Integrated online trend configurator for managing several trend configurations
  • Trend configuration made simple for the end user with easy exchange of configurations by means of preconfigured import and export functions

Simple engineering

Numerous prepared dynamizations, drag-&-drop support and high degrees of freedom in implementation enable both beginners and experts to work in the atvise® builder. Development is possible on 3 levels:

  • For beginners: easy dynamization with preconfigured dynamics
  • For professionals: SimpleDynamics allows for dynamizations to be implemented in a variety of ways via modular toolbox
  • For experts: client- and server-side scripting with an integrated development environment as well as the possibility of expanding atvise® with external libraries and frameworks to add even more functionality