Minimize cyber attacks and security risks

Cyber security is one of the central demands behind Industry 4.0. 
Ensuring robustness and minimizing disruption is therefore our top priority. Securing data communication and logging access are preventive measures that make unauthorized access more difficult, bringing any anomalies to light.

Our dedicated team of experts ensures secure communication channels, strictly separated access areas and tamper-proof logging in our software solution. After all, protecting our intellectual property from unauthorized modification, as well as from misuse by third parties, is a standard part of how we manage our own operations.


Web visualization security

Our atvise® safety-checks

Security by design

The security of hardware or software is considered during the development process and integrated into the complete product lifecycle.

Automated tools

Each release of our new software goes through numerous automatic tests. Complete SCADA projects are simulated and evaluated under near real life conditions.


Fine-granular authorization management is integrated across all interfaces. This enables individual access, is anchored in the core and makes circumvention impossible.

CVE evaluation

An in-house committee undertakes systematic examination and evaluation of weak points, enabling permanent monitoring and safeguarding of our systems.

State-of-the-art encryption mechanisms

We use the latest technologies and draw on in-depth technical knowledge to ensure that data and communications are securely encrypted.

Risk Management

Dealing with potential risks in a planned manner is a matter of course for us. With consistently defined processes for dealing with potential hazards, atvise® is ideally equipped for critical applications.

Penetration test passed with flying colors

Because our experts leave nothing to chance, the integrated web server and the internal security mechanisms were subjected to a comprehensive testing from an external specialist.

Security experts tested our cyber security with the help of a penetration and vulnerability test. Using a wide range of recognized methods, they diagnosed an extremely high level of security functions. No critical deficiencies were identified. According to the well-established "OWASP Testing Guide", 85 of 89 points were completely fulfilled - a remarkable result.

Leaders in IT security:

Biene - BEE
»During the security check, it became apparent that a clear focus was placed on security during development. This is reflected, for example, in the fine-grained authorization scheme and the
implemented rate limits for self-defense. «
Florian Bogner CEO - Bee IT Security Consulting GmbH

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