Networked complexity made easy

With atvise® scada, we provide an OPC-UA-based SCADA solution that breaks down the rigid automation pyramid and the technical constraints associated with it. Scalability and flexibility are the main focus of our solution. The result of our work is a SCADA system that adapts to the required architecture and not the other way around.

All benefits at a glance

The benefits of atvise® scada

centralized data processing
All the data is where it's supposed to be

Thanks to a central data hub with a wide range of available interfaces

Value creation from data

Generation of new insights through powerful data processing features


Easy connectivity to other systems through open interfaces


Plenty of room for individualization in engineering

Wide range of interfaces

With OPC UA as a widely used interface, atvise® scada connects process data from all well-known controller manufacturers. In addition, atvise® scada applications can interact quickly and easily with databases and web services. Our atvise® connect communication module allows for additional interface expansion and ensures connections via Modbus, KNX, MQTT and BACNet as well as access to Siemens and Rockwell controllers without an OPC UA server.


Dynamic alarm processing

atvise® scada offers many powerful features in the field of alarm processing. Alarms can be structured in nestable alarm hierarchies and enriched with further process information during runtime. For the management of alarms in atvise® scada applications, functions such as shelve, deactivate, suppress, acknowledge and comment are available, which can be executed by the operator as well as by the runtime system itself.


High-performance archiving

Process data, alarms and user interactions can be easily historized with atvise® scada. To ensure high-performance access to archived data, atvise® scada offers the option of dividing large data queries into several small data packages. This way, clients get their data immediately without having to wait a long time for data sets to finish loading. In addition, 40 arbitrarily nestable aggregation functions are available for further processing archived raw data, which can be used, for example, to determine mean values, minima, maxima and much more.


Central data hub

Thanks to the OPC-UA-based approach and a wide range of available OPC UA services, atvise® scada is a true communication talent when it comes to distributing data. With OPC UA as an interface, atvise® scada obtains process data, alarm information as well as historical data directly from connected data sources. The data is further processed in the form of calculations or aggregations and forwarded in its processed form to higher-level systems via OPC UA. Systems implemented in this way remain synchronized throughout the overall architecture, all without any loss of information or interface adjustments.

Powerful scripting engine

With true parallelism, the server scripting runtime integrated in atvise® scada ensures optimum utilization of runtime system resources and thus outstanding performance and scalability in industrial data processing.

The following functions are available:

  • Manipulation and creation of data points, objects and project content during runtime
  • Processing of alarm information and historical data
  • Interaction with databases and web services
  • Processing of text files in the CSV and XML formats



atvise® product features

Featureatvise® embeddedatvise® hmiatvise® scadaatvise® bundles
Web technology
Native web technology with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for visualization

Graphically supported online multi-user engineering with a diverse object catalog and consistent object orientation

State of the art with integrated management of certificates and encryption via SSL

Vertical Engineering
Consistent object orientation in the engineering of data structures


OPC UA server & client
Onboard OPC UA server and client with support for OPC UA DA, A&C, HA, Methods


Access Control
Fine grained control of permissions based on OPC UA Rights

Communication drivers
Integration of Siemens and Rockwell controllers as well as Modbus TCP, KNX, BACNet, SNMP and MQTT devices


Connection of databases
Interaction with databases via ODBC


Integration of web services
Interaction with web services via http


Integrated alarming
Alarm management with support for functions such as shelving, suppression and deactivation


Integrated archiving
Archiving of raw data with variously parameterizable ring buffers


Compression of raw data with more than 40 available aggregation functions, which can be nested as desired


Automatic generation of individual PDF-Reports

Server-side scripting
Integrated server-side scripting engine for process data processing


SCADA alarm technology
Dynamic enrichment and prevention of alarms with nestable alarm hierarchies



Hot-standby redundancy
Implementation of redundant atvise® applications for critical applications



atvise® information material

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