Overarching communication on a large stage

OPC UA is a generic information model with the goal of providing a uniform means of communication across the entire automation pyramid. With a focus on platform independence, security and expandability, OPC UA has been chosen as the communication standard for machine-to-machine communication as well as for the industrial internet of things in the context of the Industry 4.0 movement.

Benefits of OPC UA

The benefits of OPC UA for automation solutions


Not tied to any proprietary protocols due to a manufacturer-neutral and platform-independent standard


A communication standard for data transfer from industrial controllers to cloud systems

Object orientation

Efficient engineering using consistent object orientation and cross-domain data models


Simple connectivity with a wide range of systems thanks to a widely used standard with support from a large community

OPC UA and atvise®

The development of all atvise® features has been based on OPC UA from the start. For example, the atvise® builder is a pure OPC UA client that connects to the atvise® server and calls provided OPC UA methods. The result of open, standards-based interfaces is pioneering interoperability in industrial processing.


OPC UA range of functions

atvise® is based on these OPC UA features

OPC UA Data Access

Event-based transfer of process data and access to all atvise® project content via a standardized interface.

OPC UA Alarms + Conditions

Seamless integration of alarm information without loss of information and with support for high-level alarm management operations such as shelve, suppress and deactivate

OPC UA Historical Access

Pass-through and synchronization of raw values and aggregates for high-performance archiving in the overall architecture

OPC UA Methods

Calling and importing of remote procedure calls from connected OPC UA servers

OPC UA Aggregates

Arbitrarily nestable choice of more than 40 aggregation functions for the compression of raw values

OPC UA Access Control

Fine grained control of permissions based on OPC UA Rights

Vertical communication

The special thing about atvise® is that it supports all of these OPC UA features not only as an OPC UA client in the data connection but also as an OPC UA server for transmitting data to higher-level systems in distributed architectures. This allows process data, alarm information, historical data and calculated aggregates to be transmitted vertically via OPC UA.


Plug and play in automation

All well-known manufacturers of industrial controllers now have an OPC UA server for the data connection on board. atvise® will make optimum use of this interface thanks to its OPC-UA-based structure and serve as a data exchange hub between a wide variety of systems in modern automation solutions. With OPC UA as a communication interface, nothing stands in the way of interaction with MES, ERP or cloud platforms, and all this without the expense of investing in communication interfaces.