Ecco it AS

The company Ecco it AS, operates globally, delivering complete visualization solutions with full control, through the use of atvise® scada technology/software, which is installed on a wide range of offshore drilling service equipment.

The specific operation images show the physical cementing services of Halliburton which have now the possibility to be conducted from a remote-control room. This is world’s first active platform to perform downhole cementing operations from an ONSHORE operating center. 

Furthermore, the developed “auto sequence” program, enables the operation to be performed as planned without the need for operator interference. Hereby approximately 300 screen clicks are reduced to five. 

So, the cementing operators do monitor and control, but do not perform the actual operation itself. This leads to the following improvements:

  • Increased safety for the operators and the surrounding environment
  • Cost efficiency by moving human resources onshore
  • Environmental friendliness due to reduced personnel travel activity
  • Significant reduction of operational risk by eliminating the human error factor through automation

Customer Profile

System Integrator: Ecco it AS 
Industry: Oil & Gas
Project(s): Offshore High-pressure cement pumping systems
Product: atvise® scada
PLC(s): Beckhoff, Siemens
End Customer: Halliburton