atvise® embedded

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Deja Vu
You may have been working with technical products where you had the feeling that it could be an atvise® visualization? Have a look at the extract of our list of satisfied OEM customers below and you will realize that this can happen from time to time.


Automation Next

Develops quality-driven solutions for modern building automation

MMC V2 is a software solution where a framework provides the integration of different systems and devices in to a unified, easy to use platform. This easy to learn software allows time and cost efficient implementation of projects in the sector of building automation.


Bachmann electronic GmbH

M1 webMI pro - A perfect symbiosis between solid controller and flexible visualization

Now Bachmann ships its M1 Controllers with an atvise® webMI visualization. The "webMI pro" HMI has already numerous interested clients and allows now a device independent monitoring and controlling for different industrials sectors like energy, mechanical engineering and the marine sector.

 Please click here in order to get more information.


We offer an atvise® HMI for Beckhoff

The choice is yours: atvise® webMI2ADS or scada  

Data and the HMI of Beckhoff embedded PC CX series are available in pure web technology to atvise® webMI2ADS users. The newest version now offers historization, alaming and extended user management.

Further information can be found in the downloadable product fact sheet below, in the list of Beckhoff compatible controllers, or please directly contact our sales department or your distributor


epis Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Offers as atvise® OEM partner an optional webMI based solution on their panels.

Hilscher Ges. f. Systemautomation GmbH

A plug full of atvise® 

How small a webMI Server can be in order to visualize in pure web technology shows the NetLink SCADA plug from Hilscher impressively. Here atvise® has been integrated to visualize Siemens S7 and S7 compatible controllers.


ILS Technology

deviceWISE is a software Framework, that establishes an intelligent and save connection from plants to your company.


NXT Control

nxtControl offers all advantages of a controlling software to engineer allocated systems, based on IEC-61499 with an embedded atvise® webMI web server.


Siemens Switzerland Ltd

Building automation: when the medical operating room gets controlled by panel or ipad

In the Building Technologies Division of Siemens Schweiz AG atvise® is used for building automation to control and monitor room controls (only project-related).


Softing AG

'echograph' combines data backup and data visualization in a single device

Softing is provider of hardware and software for industrial automation and automotive electronics.


VIPA Gesellschaft für Visualisierung und Prozessautomation GmbH

Offers as atvise® OEM partner an optional webMI based solution on their panels.

Weiermayer Solutions GmbH

No more roaming charges 

Out-of-the-box GSM / UMTS / HSDPA solutions with process interface and embedded atvise® webMI web server. Connect to your plants and make use of the possibility to remotely control and maintenance worldwide and without roaming charges.

These are only examples of a large number of partnerships / referenes in the visualization area with atvise® technology. If you are interested in further information in this area, please contact our sales department.