More than just a facelift: atvise® scada 3.9...

Customer requirements always play an important role in all our further developments. In this version, we were able to implement many features inspired by our customers - thank you for your trust and constructive ideas.

What's under the hood?

Let's start with the translation functionality, which has been expanded significantly and equipped with the following:

  • Automatic text suggestions, including a preview function
  • Translation free from typing and interpretation errors
  • Option to use external language databases

The benefits are obvious. Translations require a lot of time and, sometimes, multiple rounds of correction. Our new features save an enormous amount of time and ensure high quality translations.



The code editor continues to be one of our favourites when it comes to development; we have added:

  • Extended and comprehensive syntax checking
  • Code folding for a better overview
  • Support for modern ECMAScript versions

Better code styling is not only a visual aid; it also creates more clarity and better programming security, thanks to comfort functions. And don't forget - the person with the better overview is the fastest.



Compartmentalisation can bring major advantages. We have therefore kitted out atvise® with container virtualisation:

  • Support and assistance for operation in container-virtualised environments.

Operation in container structures saves resources and isolates the handling of parallel-running processes, which thus reduces system costs.



Nowadays, IT security is not a question of "do we need it?", but instead a question of "how strong and comprehensive is my security?" and "how well does it protect my infrastructure?" For us, security is a core issue and is a central theme in every step of the ongoing development of atvise®. In atvise® v3.9, we have made changes to the following areas:

  • Expanded configuration options for login and password handling
  • Extended password policy (complexity, expiry, blocking, ...)
  • Increased comfort in user administration

Security at any price? Our answer is a clear YES - security must offer enough freedom to be able to work efficiently, but at the same time without any gaps for uninvited guests. Security is always a balancing act between comfort and actual security, and therefore something for atvise® - also confirmed by an independent Penetration Test, which we passed with flying colours.

3_9 Security

What would emails be without attachments? Only half the truth, or just extremely tedious to read. 
We have combined convenience and functionality in atvise® v3.9 and added e-mail attachments:

  • Extension of the SMTP client to send attachments.

With e-mail attachments, extensive data packages, additional information and much more can be directly sent, which is the cornerstone for more data transparency and, with that, automated information flow.


The release of atvise® scada v3.9 allows optimised and efficient engineering, with tighter security and more convenient realisation, expansion and use of visualisation applications.

As the competence centre for visualisation and operation within the Bachmann Group, we are happy to support you in the implementation of visualisation projects and are available as a central contact for questions relating to your task and the optimum use of atvise® scada v3.9.

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