Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Syntek ­Energy & Control is a group of ­engineers and technicians who work ­together to ­provide customers with advanced industrial automation solutions.

With extensive expertise in the fields of ­consultancy, engineering, ­procurement, and ­construction, Syntek delivers New ­Energy Solutions and Next ­Generation Monitoring & Control systems, enabling operators to easily maintain control over performance. 

The following application example is based on the use of powerful web technology from atvise®:


atvise® scada at the Biggest Pig Farm in South East Asia

Syntek has among others, experience in providing automation solutions to companies within the Biogas Industry. Through Power Plant and Process Automation, the company supports its customers with operation optimization. It offers technically advanced access solutions that enable enhanced remote monitoring and control of the Biogas Plant operations.

For its customer Multico, one of the biggest pig farms in South East Asia, Syntek successfully managed to automate processes with the use of atvise® scada. Thanks to the installation of components such as PLC, HMI/ Touch Panel, SCADA, OPC-UA, and Optical Fiber, the Plant is now automated and reliably controlled. 


Efficient, secure, and reliable plant operation is now ensured through web based innovative solutions from atvise®.

System Integrator: PT Syntek 
Industry: Energy
Project(s): Biogas Plants
Product: atvise® scada
Data source: Weidmüller
End customer: energy provider