atvise® v3.9.2 now features a "DIY" reporting tool that allows the creation of PDF reports that can be generated and sent automatically in the background. The only tool required is Microsoft EXCEL combined with some flair for meaningful report presentation.

And it's as simple as that:

Just open an MS EXCEL worksheet, create suitable headers and footers, and add graphics and diagrams as required. Enter the data points from the atvise® project in the desired cells in the EXCEL table and the new template is ready!


Once the appropriate template has been created, it is used for automatic report generation and is filled with real values from the atvise® project. Depending on the structure of the created template, live values, historical data columns and alarm messages can be processed and displayed directly. The time ranges to be viewed, can also be individually set, thus allowing an optimal report display. And another goody: if diagrams are integrated, they are automatically drawn as the data is accessed.


The file format output can be .PDF or .XLSX and can be automatically sent as an e-mail attachment via the SMTP client, which has been extended in the latest version of atvise®.

The new reporting tool at atvise® is a simple and pragmatic solution that allows atvise® users to build and implement their individual reports.


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