atvise® - a "standardtool" für Industry 4.0

The success of Industry 4.0 will be decisively determined by the common base of interaction and communication within different levels of automation technology: in response to these challenges, there can be only the path of standardization.


Pure web technolgy for human-machine interface

Is there an alternative to pure web technology for decentralized, site and system -independent access? Individual user interfaces - no matter which manufacturer, or product - have to be seamlessly integrated into one whole. In order to ensure this, the HMI must therefore comply with the specifications of the W3C staandarization committee. (

There is no alternative to OPC UA in the case of operating system data exchange

When it comes to interoperability of systems, only the standard OPC UA is currently available with regards to communications in industry 4.0. This allows a cross-platform, independent work. The OPC Foundation coordinates users, manufacturers and researchers as a non-profit organization in the preparation of the specifications.
atvise HMI & SCADA solutions are based on pure web technology as well as OPC UA and are therefore ahead of their time. For the problems of the industry 4.0 one is armed with atvise at least well.