The flexible atvise® architecture allows easy implementation of highly scalable projects. Starting from local on-site visualizations, regular SCADA projects up to hierarchically structured multi-SCADA projects - all of this has been already successfully realized with atvise®.

Embedded HMI (SDK) / SCADA

The slim server of atvise® HMI (webMI) runs on PLCs / panels and is also offered as complete SDK. atvise® scada can be installed on powerful IPCs or PLCs.

Add-On Hardware

A solution for closed systems: Just add slim hardware (e.g. an atvise® box) and you get the same functionallity as available in the embedded version.


The classic configuration: a PLC an OPC (UA) connection as well as a PC that runs atvise® scada.

Portal Solution

Provides plant and machine vendors, providers, service teams, etc. access to decentralized distributed plants via the internet.


(Nearly) everything is possible
Data from various sources can be inherited and the processing gets simplified with the help of object-oriented engineering (Vertical.Objects). Scalability is provided through pure web technology, what makes device independent visualization possible in every common browser.

Example of an atvise® applied plant topology - controlling and monitoring on all levels

First Level
On the lowest level embedded HMI (webMI) comes to use in a PLC. Also atvise scada will work on a PLC, if the performance of the controller is sufficent. In certain setups the powerful atvise® box can be integrated alternatively into the topology. When there are no more additional levels, there is still maximized access to plant and process thanks to the existing atvise® structure.

First and second level
On the second level, atvise® scada comes into action and allows controlling and monitoring of plants and processes with all corresponding functions like alarming, historization and trending.

Complete topology where multiple plants / processes are brought together
Here control room needs are satisfied, remote access for service staff is provided as well as portals for different management needs (KPI, energy management, etc.) are introduced.In der obersten Ebene findet sich Leitstand, der Fernzugriff für das Servicepersonal zu den unterschiedlichen Einheiten steht zur Verfügung und auch vielerlei Portale für unterschiedliche Managementanforderungen (KPI, Energiemanagement, etc.) können eingerichtet werden.