Honeywell Gas Detection

Honeywell provides gas detection visualization solutions in latest web technology to better meet the requirements of all applications and industries. 

Main Features

  • Client Server Architecture based on Web Server Technology from  atvise®.
  • atvise® scada relies on “pure web” technology,  i.e. clients which are not limited by ad-ons or plug-ins such as ActiveX, Java or Silverlight. 
  • Latest technology and standards such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) 
  • Online Engineering and Multi-User.
  • Integrated Alarm-Event logging.
  • Alarm, Event and Trend History, accessible directly from the user interface (up to 365 days). 
  • Online language change (German / English).
  • Available user and permission management and interface to other systems.

Consistently crisp images: high-end vector graphics

atvise® uses scalable vector graphics (SVGs) to visualize your devices, components, or even entire systems. This web standard, laid down by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), works with any resolution. Zoom the display in or out as you wish – the images never look “pixelated”, but always remain razor sharp!


Customer Profile

System Integrator: Honeywell Analytics - Life Safety Germany GmbH
Industry: Infrastructure
Project(s): Gas Detection
Product: atvise® scada
Data source: Honeywell Gas Detection Controller System 57 Controller; 
Div. Gas Detection–Devices (Modbus-Connection)
End customer: Manufacturing industry