Incredibly Scaleable and Flexible

atvise® scada is based on newest technologies and standards: The visualization in pure web technology as well as a consistent vertical object orientation based on OPC UA changes the world of process management systems.


Access via pure web browser

Location and device independent access without any client or 
plug-in installation.



Vertical Engineering

OPC UA based object and type concept offers modern and consistent vertical object orientation.





A SCADA Solution in Pure Web Technology

The development of atvise® scada is based on newest technologies: the visualization in pure web technology moves the webbrowser - without being limited by ad-ons or plug-ins such as ActiveX, Java or Silverlight - into the world of automation. The implementation of valid industrial standards (OPC UA) allows you to reduce the efforts of your engineering, in particular the parameterization of plants and processes, to a minimum.

Independently atvise® scada supports all typical SCADA functions like alarming, historization, trending, user management, multi language, etc.

Due to its flexibility, our products are generally applicable for all industry sectors, having its core segments within infrastructure, building automation, energy generation, production plants, and mechanical engineering.


The world's first SCADA with Hot Standby Redundancy in Pure Web Technology

A hot standby redundancy complements the functionality of atvise® scada and opens up new fields of applications in different industrial segments with a commitment to high availability. The solution offers complete redundancy: Whether data sources, network connections to each involved component, the atvise® scada itself and the changeover in the browser. The implementation of the redundancy in atvise® scada also reflects the decades of experience of our development team on this topic, so please read more about functionalities such as switch-over, fail-over, split mode or Vitality status in our category "Technology" -> Redundancy.

atvise® scada at a Glance

  • Latest generation SCADA / HMI system
  • Hot Standby redundand SCADA in pure web technology
  • Client-server architecture (multiclient)
  • Device and operating system independent (HTML5, SVG)
    PC/Mac/Unix, tablet, smartphone, iPad,…
  • Process connection OPC UA and OPC DA
  • User management & access security
  • OPC UA Data Access and Alarms & Conditions interface superior systems
  • Backward compatiblilty: a 20 year old website still works today
  • As save as your bank – thanks to approved safety standards
  • Multi-language
  • Aggregates - OPC UA compliant
  • SNMP data sources

Additional Information: System Requirements
  • Online engineering / multi-user
  • A comprehensive, pure vector graphics based display controls catalog 
  • Pre-assembled dynamics feature called "Quick Dynamics"
  • Pre-configured complex dynamization without scripting feature called „Simple Dynamics“
  • Complex controls like alarm list, history list, etc. are build from scratch as vector graphics
  • All offered, pre-designed standard objects and operating layouts have been created with the atvise editor tools and are therefore completely adaptable by the user.
  • For the expert:  differentiation /personalization through client- and serverside JavaScript

Feature Overview

Professional Alarm Management
Comprehensive Historization
On-/Offline Trending
Users and Groups
Highest Security
Rights Management
Vector Graphics for Lossless Zooming
Open Standards like HTML5, SVG, ...
No Browser Plug-ins needed
Remote Access
User Dependent Language Switch

Pixel based versus vektor graphic

Here you can see the advantages of loss free zooming in a visualization with the use of vector graphics - zoom the content of this website and see the difference between the yellow hint on the left and the SVG vector graphic control element on the right:

regular PNG element (pixelbased)

regular PNG element  (pixelbased)

SVG element


Engineering Tool

The modern and efficient architecture allows scaling of small applications with a small number of nodes up to huge plants with thousands of processes. This flexibility also reflects in the atvise® builder which is also suitable for beginners, advanced and professional users. More information to this tool ->

Additional Features:

  • OPC UA historization incl. incremental data archiving.
  • OPC UA Alarms & Conditions (Server) with free configurable alarm conditions and typable alarm categories.
  • OPC UA ... and every architecture is possible: atvise® scada is OPC UA server und client. You can connect own or foreign servers. Other data-sources are web servers and classic OPC COM servers.
  • User interface in pure web technology: visualization in all common and standard compliant web browsers, scalable SVG vector graphics - every resolution without loss of quality, integration of web maps, videos, etc. 
  • Pure web trending: storable configuration, data display also in on- and offline mixed operations, unlimited trend pins.
  • Full (XML) and client specific (CSV) import/export
  • Data points can be defined and structured as needed.