The atvise® builder

An engineering tool as it should be: efficient, powerful and simple! 
Convince yourself! With every atvise® webMI based product you get free access to our engineering tool.


Vertical.Objects - Object Oriented Engineering

The object and type concept based on OPC UA provides a consistant, vertical object-oriented workspace and reduces the effort to parameterize plants and processes to a minimum. Data and objects can be taken from suboriented systems and can be mapped one-to-one. Double managed data lists are things of the past as well as time intense export/import processes. Shared nodes are always up to date.

Access from Everywhere

Connect the atvise® builder via OPC UA and Internet to the related atvise® server.


atvise® provides easy engineering...

  • for beginners: Easy dynamization with pre-configuered QuickDynamics of atvise.
  • for professinals: The SimpleDynamics offers many simplified options to implement complex dynamizations in your visualisation 
  • for experts: Client and server-side scripting. No external development environment necessary. The atvise® builder comes along with a fully featured development environment.

Vector Graphics

Even complex controls like alarm list, history list, etc. are created as vector grafics from scratch. This offers you the advantage of scaling/zooming into every detail.

Pre-configured Standard Objects

Comprehensive catalogue of pre-configured standard objects as pure vector graphics. Just drag & drop into the display.
All offered, predefined standard objects and control layouts are build with on-board tools of atvise. Therefore they are fully costumizable by the user.

Feature List

  • For the power user: a fully featured script editor for JavaScript programming
  • Distribute the runtime to the atvise® webMI server with a simple call.
  • Incredibly easy to use, but powerful dynamization: parameterize complex processes with just a few klicks!
  • Comfortable functions like grid, snap to grid, arrange, distribute, zoom and many more.
  • All important drawing tools on-board (from lines to polygons).
  • A native SVG graphic editor - no internal file format.
  • Widgets, keys, text boxes, check boxes, ...
  • Professinal design functions: gradients, opacity, predefined styles, ... 
  • Drag & drop - e.g. from the objects display library.
  • Create "faceplates" and templates - use relative addressing for maximum efficiency.
  • and planty more ...

The exclusive use of open standards and formats allows any desired extension or exchange:

  • Extend your HMI with every browser compatible technology: HTML, SVG, Scripts, Java, Video, Flash, and so on. Just as you wish!
  • You can naitively use graphics from other applications: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Viso, CAD, ... 

Screenshot of the atvise® builder

Screenshot of the atvise® builder