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The "unleashed" plant - atvise® scada now in in a box

computer automation

April 2013

Now in combination with a suitable hardware device - the atvise® box: just snap it to the DIN rail and connect to the network. It's that easy to access plants location and device independently thanks to pure web technology (HTML, SVG) - all, without changing anything on existing systems.

The visualization future is to the pure web browser

open automation

November 2012

The fair SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 in Nuremberg showcased atvise® sdk and the atvise® box. Therefore you can find an outlook in the open automation magazine.

The HTML-"Reinheitsgebot"


October 2012

A sneak peek to the atvise® box and atvise® sdk. Both were presented on the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg in 2012.

atvise® SDK: web HMI as development kit for seamless integration

open automation

November 2011

With the atvise® sdk, a complete development platform is available for the seamless integration of the atvise® web HMI for suppliers and vendors of automation technology like PLCs or other hard- and software products.

atvise® sdk: true web HMI to every product

embedded design

June 2012

In the world of visualization, the future is to the pure web browser. Based on HTML 5 and SVG a browser offers a swiss army knife for the HMI, that has been made available to the industry by atvise®.
With the development kit atvise® sdk, this technology is finally available for suppliers and vendors of automation technology eg. PLCs, panels and many more hard- and software products.

Plant tuning the easy way


April 2013

Hardly anything in the industry moves as fast as the development of the human-machine-interface (HMI) and the possibility to provide process related information. Depending on the systems rights management, as many persons as possible should have location and device independent access to a modern visualization by a web browser.
All this opens up with the use of the atvise® box, which has been designed for existing  as well as for new plants.

"Doing nothing is everything"

sps titelstory 201109

September 2011 - Cover story

How a pure web based technology and vertical objects based on OPC UA change the world of HMI und SCADA systems.

Read more in the SPS Magazine's september 2011 cover story.


austromatisierung titelstory 201106 

June 2011 - Cover story

The plant at a glance: no matter if remote or direct access on the plant, atvise® customers gladly talk about handling with Certec's professinal HMI/SCADA software.

Read more in the Austromatisierung's cover story of june.

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