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SCADA with support

cua titelstory 201309

September 2013 - Cover story

With the atvise® box we are offering our first hardware. How it came, what the motivation was and what advantages the box brings along, you can find in this cover story of Computer & Automation.


Bio gas plant visualization via web: from grass to iGas

etz titelstory 6 2013

Cover Story - June 2013

>>Watching how the money rolls in“... << This is how the article about an atvise project for a 300kW thermal powerstation begins. Read the article to find out how atvise helps energy economist Huber to watch his money rolling in.


From the idea to an international operating company



By the support program of aws, our company and as a result our product atvise® was able to develop better. Read about a long-felt want that now makes massive waves on the automation sector:

SCADA despite extreme conditions


February 2013

The specialist for inherently safe automation technology in the field of mining, eep, was looking for a SCADA system. Why the have chosen atvise® after browsing the market for web based visualization systems, becomes clear when having a look at the requirements of a chinese project.

OPC UA - the only vendor independent standard

elektro automation


How far has OPC UA succeded as an actual standard and which advantages does it have compared to OPC Classic? Ten experts are discussing the issue.

Utilise OPC UA (Unified Architecture)


January 2013

atvise® scada is used to modernize decentralised stations. Read more about what is possible with OPC UA within a water/waste water project!

Detached via own software tool

computer automation

November 2012

VIPA presents their automation framework. The functional specification for selection and planning was orientated on modern standards and high flexibility. No surprise that a part of this solution was implemented with atvise® sdk: one more custom solution for ambitious clients.

Engineering via OPC-UA

computer automation

December 2011

With the „OPC-UA Information-Model for IEC-61131-3“ the OPC-Foundation and PLCopen have solved an enduring problem: the vendor comprehensive  communication and programming in various controller structures. „The specification can do significantly more“, knows Michael Haas.

The future is web

sps titelstory 201303

March 2013 - Cover story

With the progress of smartphones and mobile internet, the industry longs for device independent web visualizations. Whats evolving more and more has long been standard in atvise®. For the company Bachmann one more reason to rely on atvise® for their "M1 webmi pro" modules.

All eyes on the plant

bachmann realtimes

November 2012

The worldwide present Bachmann group also had an eye on Certec with its HMI and SCADA product atvise®, when they were looking for a visionary and reliable partner for the future.

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