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Faster on the grid


Oktober 2014 - wind / renewable energy

With the flexible SCADA-solution in pure web technology, that has been implemented based on atvise® scada, plant operators are able to keep track of all their windparks right up to the details of every single turbine - no matter which communication device is used. 

When standards move in, things get simple

process and control 2014

October 2014 - Coverstory (first time in English!)

Pure web technology and OPC UA are fundamentally changing how we work with HMI & SCADA systems. Our market leading solution atvise® shows the way forward. Read more in the cover story of the October issue of "Process&Control":

HMI Solution in pure web technology


Issue 6 - 7 2014 (German)

Bachmann electronic launches a new visualization technology for their "M1"- control system that leads to rethink control and monitor in the sector of machine and plant engineering. The solution - based on pure web technology - makes HMI applications for M1 control systems  for the first time location independent and and provides access via multiple mobile devices. This innovation is based on the atvise® webMI technology.

Private Cloud


Report 39 - September 2014 (german)

Certec offers with the latest product "atvise® portal" access to decentralised distributed plants via the internet. Thanks to the multi-client capability of the system every user - which means vendor, operator, maintenence team, etc. - can control and supervise their plat(s).  The solution's core is the flexible creation of process graphics, the simple administration and management of users through all levels of the hierarchy.

Flexible SCADA for wind energy


Issue 4 / 2014

The Wind Power SCADA (WPS) of the Austrian manufacturer Bachmann electronic bundles its industry know-how in wind energy with the in pure Web technology built SCADA solution "atvise® scada" of the company Certec.

Regardless of which kind of terminal is used, plant operators can quickly receive a comprehensive overview of entire wind farms – down to the details of each wind turbine.

Industry 4.0 & pure web technology

markt und technik

Trendguide 2/2014

In the article „Visualising with web technology in the Industry 4.0” in the “Trend guide” of the German technology journal “Markt & Technik” with focus on the Industrie 4.0 initative, we again showed that with the technological base of our product line we are very well prepared for the challenges of the future. 
(The article is in German so if of interest please use following link to the web version and use the google translator for more information)    

Article online

The extension of the pure web visualization

open automation

1-2 / 2014

CEO Michael Haas talks about the atvise® product range and gives an exciting outlook on the future.

Faster on the grid

sps titelstory 201401

February 2014 - Cover Story

This German SPS Magazine article provides an excellent example of the application-specific adaptability of atvise scada - trimmed for a very special task: The on atvise ® scada based WPS (Wind Farm SCADA) by Bachmann - an international high-tech company, that provides complete system solutions in the field of automation technology - is the most advanced way to monitor all wind farms to the smallest detail and control - worldwide and regardless of the device.

Article online

Pure Web for Powder Coating


March 2014

The company PBS Schreiner has been a supplier in the field of powder coating for years. When it came to renew the exisiting automation system they were looking together with the automation company Nartz for a ideal solution that on one hand is based on modern standards and on the other hand leaves all future options open. So no suprise the choice fell on atvise® scada.

With sun's energy

bachmann realtimes

Issue October 2013

SOLON builds together with their israeli partner ELCO Contracting & Services two turnkey ready solar power plants in the Kibbuzim Kramim and Idan (IL). Both projects deliver a total performance of 8.5 MW. The visualization of the SOLON plant monitoring system builds on atvise® scada.

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