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24.05.2017, Windows, IIoT and Real-Time

In its 7th consecutive year, SPS IPC Drives Italia has become the reference for Italian OEMs. You can visit atvise® at the booth M050 in hall 5 from Telestar Srl. Telestar also invites you to the seminar on 24.05.2017 on "Windows, IIot and Real-Time" from 10am-5pm. Visit the homepage:

Distributor Vietnam

We are pleased to welcome Omina Industrial Automation as an official atvise® distributor for Vietnam. Our goal is to provide the automation industry with new and innovative visualisation products all around the globe and we therefore decided to extend our existing local distribution network.

We look forward to years with successful cooperation.

A list of all atvise® distributors can be found under the following link:

atvise 3-1-0

31.03.2017, atvise® 3.1 is Ready for Download

In our latest release atvise® 3.1.0, we now offer a large number of aggregates that we have implemented on the basis of the OPC UA specification. In addition, a new web server implementation is waiting for you, which, apart from web-socket support, also offers security improvements.
For all those who want to update from atvise 2.5.x to atvise 3.1.0: please make sure you have an appropriate license ("update right") and read the conversion instructions before uninstalling (!) the previous atvise version.
We now invite you to download the latest version of atvise® with the version number 3.1.0 in our download area. Further technical information can be found in the "Readme" of the installed version.
We wish you continued success with working with atvise®!


18.11.2016, atvise® 2.5.10 is Ready for Download

The latest atvise® release with the version number 2.5.10 is now ready for download in our download section section. This release contains bugfixes only - for more information please see the "Readme" as part of the download or the related release notes. We wish you further on a successful working with atvise®!

Computer Automation Redundanz 2


By September, a story about the atvise® redundancy was published in the journal "Computer&Automation" as a title page, in which the importance of reliable operation is discussed. Switch-Over, fail-over, split-mode or the vitality status - all this can be read here: press review

atvise live new downloads EN

23.08.2016 - new elements for atvise® live

atvise® live provides useful examples from users that can be directly imported into your project via the atvise® builder. The collection of sample files is divided into "Object&Type", "Library elements", "Samples" as well as "Servers Scripts" - all in XML format. 

atvise box security final

atvise® box with integrated VPN and firewall

When we presented the atvise® box some time ago, our priority was on an industry-oriented compact system with integrated SCADA in pure web technology. Now „the box“ is more relevant than ever: Due to the fact that security is moving more and more into the center of attention, the standard implementation of a firewall and a VPN on the system has received a lot of attention lately.



Ever since machinery in Iran has been shut down by Stuxnet, security in the industry has come into the focus of users and operators. The movement of IT-related topics into the industry in order to make plants and machinery more transparent and accessible, the subject of security now has received an even broader dimension. Since atvise is a part of this global change and a pioneer in HMI/SCADA in pure web technology - with all its challenges, we would like to objectively observe the topic here from the perspective of visualisation.

patch new

30.06.2016, atvise® version 3.0.1

We have just released the latest patch for atvise® 3.0 Information on the implemented bug fix as well as the update process are described in the "Readme" file of the download. Please download the file from our download section "atvise® 3.0.1.".
We wish you a continued successful monitoring and control with atvise® products.

atvise 3-0-0

29.04.2016, atvise® 3.0.0 is Ready for Download

The worldwide first Hot Standby Redundancy in pure web technology is reality: With version 3.0.0 we now offer our customers the option of a failsafe atvise® SCADA solution. However, the version includes a variety of other improvements, new features and internal optimizations that of course also affect the standalone version.
Thus, we invite you to download the latest version atvise® 3.0.0 in our download section area. Additional technical information can be found in the "Readme" of the installed version, in the release notes as well as in our "Technology" section. We wish you a successfull working with atvise®!

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