atvise® 3.3.5 released

11.10.2019 - atvise® 3.3.5 ready for Download

atvise® 3.3.5 contains important improvements for the atvise® builder display editor!

The atvise® builder display editor of atvise® 3.3.5 got several improvements related to the rendering of our foreign objects elements, which allow atvise users to use HTML content in combination with the atvise® object library.

An upgrade to atvise® 3.3.5 will improve your user experience when you are working with such objects in your atvise® project.

For detailed information about the new release please take a look at the release notes of atvise® 3.3.5.

The software packages and the release notes can be found in our download area.

We wish you continued success with atvise®!