atvise® 3.3.2 released

14.03.2019 - atvise® 3.3.2 ready for Download

The new release of atvise features besides a Linux Distribution for devices with ARM CPU lots of new functionalities in Alarming and Historization, which are based on the OPC UA Standards Alarms & Conditions and Historical Access.

These standards are fully implemented and make the seamless integration of remote alarms and historical data possible. With the new alarm management, alarms can be enriched with additional process data during runtime and manipulated with high level alarm functionalities via the visualization and serverside scripting. The new Historical Access functionalities make it possible to passthrough and synchronize historical data from remote servers. To make the handling of alarm information and historical data easier, the alarmlist and the historylist have been improved with several convenience features like collapsible details areas and enhanced filter capabilities.

All these new features are waiting for you with the release of atvise 3.3.2. For further information please take a look at our release notes.

The release notes and the new release can be found in our download area.

We wish you continued success with atvise!