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11.09.2018 - Displaying KPIs made easy!

The demand for information is increasing steadily in today’s industrial world and more and more process data needs to be aggregated, processed and visualized. On the process control level, there is a need for Dashboards that provide a quick overview over the most important indicators of a process, which is especially important for responding quickly to changes in a process.

The atvise® live platform features a set of components that targets exactly this issue. This new package extends our existing library with a variety of Dashboard tiles, that makes creating overviews with a high density of information an easy task.

Following elements are available:

  • Line chart tile
  • Bar chart tile
  • Pie chart tile
  • Donut chart tile
  • Alarm status tile
  • Show value tile
  • Progress bar tile
  • Gauge tile

The Dashboard elements are - like all other atvise® live elements - available for free and are now available for download via the engineering tool atvise® builder.

 i100 Dashboard 03