Practical Digitalization - OPC UA Seminar

2018 OPCUASeminar

28.08.2018 - OPC UA Seminar in Stavanger, Norway

Under the motto "Practical Digitalization - OPC UA Seminar", an event was held in Stavanger's harbor parallel to the ONS Fair (Oil&Gas).

The audience was represented by all the major greats of the oil industry, which is an elementary component of Norway's economy. Lecturers included Stefan Hoppe of the OPC Foundation, Fion Iverson PhD of IRIS (International Research Group), Ronald Düker of Certec and Kjell Henrik Johansen of Offshore Systems, whose lecture aroused particular interest. He reported on how Offshore Systems modeled the industrial NORSOK standard in OPC UA objects and atvise scada and how now projects can be implemented extremely quickly and efficiently in the control system. Finally, there was a handshake photo between the organizer Offshore Systems and the OPC Foundation, which is looking forward to another reference in the field of oil and gas. "

2018 OPCUASeminar03

(Tom Larsson, Stefan Hoppe, Jostein Kvame)

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