Knapp AG

SCADA for warehouse logistic systems 




System Integrator:  Knapp AG
Industry:  Logistics
Project(s):  KiSoft SCADA
Product:  atvise® scada
PLCs:  Siemens S7/300 and S7/400
Final custsomer:  Knapp AG

With more than 1,500 active systems and an average of two new commissionings per week, Knapp AG is the leading European software provider for high-performance logistic solutions.

The plant visualization and, in some cases, the control of the warehouse logistic systems manufactured by KNAPP are made available by the Knapp software solution KiSoft SCADA, which again is based on atvise® scada. Uninterrupted system availability is one of the most crucial requirements for any system. KiSoft SCADA increases system availability and therefore profitability, without any additional investment in automation technology. The clear visualization of all the components within the system means that KiSoft SCADA provides a complete overview of the technical state of the entire system including third-party components. What’s more, KiSoft SCADA provides complete transparency, optimizes preventative maintenance and speedy troubleshooting, as well as helping to deploy service technicians efficiently. KiSoft SCADA can be used on various terminals such as the multi-screen KiSoft i-Point, tablets and smart phones.

It’s the ideal addition to the KNAPP group’s service solutions. It forms a particularly strong portfolio of solutions together with wearable services and Service 4.0™.
KiSoft SCADA offers:

• A complete overview: from a 3D overview through to individual sensors
• Maintenance can be planned according to use
• Swift and simple incident resolution
• Optimal availability and performance

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