Burkhardt Portal

atvise® Portal for heating plants



System Integrator:  Burkhardt GmbH (Germany)
Industry:  Energy / Heating Plants
Projekc(e):  Control Center Energy
Product:  atvise® portal
Datasource:  atvise® scada
Endcustomer:  Energyprovider

The Burkhardt GmbH has after its successfully implementation of atvise® scada now also the atvise® portal in use. It serves as a control center incl. remote access as well as for aggregating and consolidating all relevant asset information. Various departments such as the development, service and accounting are using the system and are able to use any device to access plants worldwide. Through the atvise® portal different isolated applications (power station) could be centralized and thus a better maintainability is achieved. The portal provides an overview of all plants or plant-groups and allows access to the local visualization through the atvise® scada in use. During the entire implementation a high attention was paid to user-centered design, SingleSignOn and the ability to use the smartphone for emergency services facilitate the use of the new solution. In future the Burkhardt GmBH continues to strengthen the a atvise® portal and it is about to be release for end customers.


screenshot burkhardt portal