Projects with INDECT

Efficient Car Parks with atvise® 


System Integrator: Indect (Austria)
Industry: Parking guidance system
Project(s): SCADA for car parks
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs: various
Final customer: various

With the system integrator Indect electronics various car parks have already been equipped with atvise scada. E.g.: the Dubai Mall or MGM with five car parks in Las Vegas. The biggest challenge with this kind of projects is the 24/7 operation. The query of the sensors is carried out around the clock and not only after a change in the status. This allows that any faults are visualized immediately. The signs in the car park are usually up to date within 2-3 seconds.

Airport Dallas

A present project is the Airport Dallas, which was currently provided with 11.900 sensors and approximately 1.000 signs. It is anticipated that in the final stage, when all terminals and car parks are equipped, that there shall be 30.000 sensors in use.

Travelers can see at a glance which parking spot is occupied or vacant. This is enabled by the installation of sensors, which contain per sensor 25 data points. A change in the occupancy of the parking lot triggers an update of 4-5 data points.

Indect Dallas 1


Indect dallas 2

Shopping Center Dubai Mall

Developed by the Emaar Malls Group, the 12.1-million-sq ft shopping mall in Downtown Burj Dubai is situated in close proximity to Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building. 

To help guests find their destination among the 13.500 parking lots, Indect installed a parking guidance system based on atvise. In HMI displays with up to 1.400 dynamic elements, the operator can detect the status and occupancy of every single parking lot. In total the project consists of 1,5 million process variables.

Parking lots as far as the eye can see - equiped with a parking guidance system based on atvise®