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Value Added Reseller: Bachmann
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atvise® sdk
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Bachmann electronics GmbH offers with its visualization software webMI pro, which is available in combination with the Bachmann M1 controller, an elegant and sophisticated solution based on the atvise® sdk.

The integration with the powerful M1 controller demonstrates the performance of modern web technologies: Even when data update rates well below 100 ms and hundreds of animated graphic elements are shown, a flicker-free HMI is displayed. The additional resources that are required, are very small. When viewing a visualization screen of M1 webMI pro the exceptional advantages of HTML5 and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the basis of the graphical objects, are immediately visible. Zooming and resizing is done without any loss of quality - perfect graphical results are delivered.

The summarized USPs of the webMI pro visualization of the M1 controller are as follows:

  • Seamless integration into existing Bachmann tools:  
    • Easy configuration of the alarming and historization in the Bachmann SolutionCenter-tool
    • User rights of the AccessControl-tool of the M1 control - the rights of the visualization users are included
    • In combination with the Bachmann Scope 3 (software oscilloscope) - high resolution data records on the M1 controller can be loaded into the visualization
  • Adaptions in the visualization server (eg connect (read/write) to databases, send customer based commands to the controller, etc.)
  • webMI extension for e.g. maintenance purposes: file transfer over HTTP (S), PUT / GET performed between client and server - the M1 control is not needed and stays untouched
  • Powerful alarm handling with localizable text, alarm configuration on individual bits of a variable and complex alarm conditions

"Mostly dedicated MMI devices are required for the operation and monitoring of machines or plants. In addition software needs to be inconveniently installed and distributed. With the product webMI pro this is no longer necessary as the visualization is integrated directly on the controller. Each authorized station with a standard browsers has access to a HMI - anytime, anywhere."

hoess alexander

Alexander Hoess,
product manager at Certec EDV GmbH

screenshot webmipro