Wind Power SCADA

Faster on the Grid with Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA



Value Added Reseller: Bachmann electronic GmbH
Industry: Wind Energy
Project(s): Wind Power SCADA
Products: atvise® scada
PLCs Bachmann
Final customer: Various

Bachmann supplies amongst others high-availability automation solutions for wind turbines all over the world. With the new industry specific product "Wind Power SCADA" (WPS) an large number of wind farms can be monitored and controlled - locally independent, flexible, based on pure web technology and therefor future-proof.

This is made possible, as the implementation of WPS - an industry solution - is based on atvise® scada. The wind farm operator quickly receives a comprehensive overview of all wind farms and can interact with every single turbine device independently.

WPS is based on the functions of the Bachmann control software package Wind Turbine Template (WTT), which contains the most important structures, components and functions of the operational management control of a wind turbine, which is accessible in an IEC61400-25 structured data space. The consistent implementation based on OPC UA allows a seamless object-oriented engineering. Browsing and copying control content is thus very simple and a structured instantiation with a few mouse clicks feasible. This in turn reduces the overall engineering, development and start-up costs significantly.

Further details on the WPS can be found in our press review section in the article from the magazine Austromatisierung 04/2014 (German), or on the Bachmann homepage (English).


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