SCADA for heating plants



Value Added Reseller: Burkhardt
Industry: Energy
Project(s): -
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs Beckhoff
Final Customer: -

At the block-type thermal power stations (BTTPs) of Burkhardt GmbH in Mühlhausen, Germany, the existing Beckhoff visualization was replaced by atvise® scada. The plant controlling based on Beckhoff PLCs stays in place after refactoring.

atvise® scada, the plant controls as well as the Microsoft SQL Server for the plant configuration, data logging and portal connection are operating on a Beckhoff IPC.

After a three days inhouse workshop the integration was done by the development department of the customer. The follwoing features of atvise® scada are used: alarming, trending, user management and online language switching.

The switch to atvise offers several optimizations, e.g. the object oriented engineering of atvise® scada, which simplifies engineering and the maintenability. The plant controls and the SCADA are still switchable to multiple plant types.

Flexible licensing provides an easy system integration of Burkhardt's serial produced block-type thermal power station "BHKW ECO" models. The integration of the content in English and Italian as well as the collaboration with an industrial designer for the newly structured design of the user interface enhances navigation and user comfort. The operation of the system via a browser can be performed either on touch screen of the control panels as well as via a VPN connection for remote maintenance.

screenshot burkhardt

screenshot burkhardt schema

screenshot burkhardt startseite

screenshot burkhardt sprachumschaltung