Building Automation with atvise® webMI2ADS



System Integrator: a2i
Industry: Buidling Automation
Project(s): Various
Product: atvise® webMi2ADS
PLCs Beckhoff
Final customer: Various 

The company a2i is a system integrator and engineering company. a2i have been active for many years in the field of building automation and are therefore able to offer complete solutions for the overall management of buildings. The plant screenshots are an extract of the projects of A2i. atvise hereby realizes the visualization in pure Web technology and present these in a standard web browser. In the A2i projects Beckhoff controllers are used, which are equipped with the atvise solution webMI2ADS.

The atvise webMI2ADS web server can be installed on Beckhoff devices (TwinCAT 2 or 3) with different versions of Windows. For details and a list of Beckhoff controllers, which can be used with atvise® webMI2ADS and / or atvise® scada please check our atvise inside.

screenshot a2i