atvise® scada Takes Over the Control of Paper Machines


Value Added Reseller: Voith Paper Holding GmbH & Co. KG (Deutschland)
Industry: Machine engineering
Project(s): SCADA for paper machines
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs various
Final customer: various

Voith Paper, a global leader in paper machinery, equips their machines with atvise scada. One of the main reasons for the Voith Paper Automation group to decide for atvise was to reduce engineering costs on scada programming.

The object-oriented engineering possibility of atvise scada, which has been realized based on the OPC UA standard, allows to work with types and objects rather than with inefficient data point lists between the automation and the control level of the machinery. In addition atvise handles huge amounts of data-points masterfully, what is crucial in this process environment. The possibilities that a pure web based visualization provides as well as the advantages of having access and control through any device equipped with a standard browser – PC or mobile – without any additional plugins finally convinced Voith Paper completely.


Voith Paper is a division of Voith and the leading partner and forerunner of the paper industry. By consistant innovation Voith Paper optimizes the production process of paper. The focus is on the development of  resource saving products, to reduce the use of energy, water and fibrous materials.