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Device Independend Room Controls

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System Integrator: Siemens Switzerland Ltd, Building Technologies Division
Industry: Building automation
Project(s): Room controls(z.B. hospitals' surgical suites)
Product: atvise® sdk
SPS: Siemens
Endkunde: various

At Siemens Switzerland Ltd, Building Technologies Division atvise® webMI is used within building automation, where it is deployed only project related in panels and Ipads to control and monitor room controls.

„Intuitive user interface with touch panels significantly simplifies the room controlling and by the use of atvise® software we can fulfill various requirements. We were convinced by the consistant usage of open standards, which we at Siemens persue for many years and the simplicity of the atvise® software", says Pius Widmer, Global Portfolio Manager Room Solutions at Siemens.

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Room control with atvise® - no matter if on a terminal or on the iPad - independent of  the accessing device and location