SAA Engineering GmbH

Automated Precast Factories Control With atvise®


Value Added Reseller: SAA Engineering GmbH (Austria)
Industry: Production, mech. engineering
Project(s): SCADA for preacst factories
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs various
Final customer: various

SAA Engineering has been searching for a future-prove SCADA solution for automated precast factories, which are sold on world-wide bases.

The decision to source atvise® scada was based on three major requirements:

  1. Competitiveness through advanced technology: Pure web-based solution with visualization only through native web browser without any plugins.
  2. Graphical capabilities (SVG - vector graphics) and professional tools for GUI creation.
  3. The possibility to implement the solution into the existing engineering environment.
  4. The unproblematic connection to the Siemens S7 PLCs of the machinery:
    atvise® scada here is linked via a Softing OPC Server.

SAA Engineering GmbH is a European market leader in the automation of automated precast factories. Machinery equipped with atvise scada is currently in action on three continents