Offshore Systems

Cement mixing and high pressure pump stations for the oil & gas industry



System Integrator: Offshore Systems
Industry: Oil & Gas
Project(s): SCADA for offshore industry
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs Siemens S7 300/400
Final customer: Halliburton

The systems offered by the Norwegian company Offshore Systems are controlled by atvise scada and therefore part of many different projects/systems delivered around the world.

In this specific project for the client Halliburton, one of the world largest service companies to the oil and gas industry, the Offshore Systems Remote Control, OSRC is an additional system to improve the work environment. This is done in normal operation for the operators with respect to noise and to move the operator from the cement unit during pressure testing. Offshore Systems fully controls the unit, both with diesel, or electrical drive as well as the Cement Mixing Auto Density and Chemical Additives unit.

“The overall purpose is to make concrete around the casing of a drilling hole. This casing consists of steel pipes that is lowered down into the respective hole. They start off with big ones and go down to smaller and smaller. This then becomes the inner wall of the drilling hole. The concrete is pumped down in the hole and squeezed up again between mother earth and the casing. Secondly the pump is also used to pressure test the well - very high pressure to see if there is any deformation or leakages. And the third thing is to kill the well if there is any uncontrolled blow out. So it’s a very important part of the drilling equipment,” says Jostein Kvame, General Manager of Offshore Systems.

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