Fernwärme Wien

Viennas Biggest District Heating Plant Controlled and Monitored With atvise®


System Integrator: Fernwärme Wien (Austria)
Industry: Energy
Project(s): SCADA for district heating plants
Product: atvise® scada
PLCs: Saia
Final customer: Fernwärme Wien (Austria)

Fernwärme Wien operates a huge district heating in the City of Vienna with about 2500 heat exchange stations. The task was to make monitoring, remote parameterization, powerful analysis as well as the control of these stations widely available for their employees.

The endless scalability of the visualization based on one single engineering process, offering HMI and SCADA functionality for the local displays at the stations, for standard Laptops/PCs at the work desks and in parallel remote access from tablets/smartphones, made this project a real success.

Conclusive also the atvise® licensing procedure is very supportive in such project setup.

A heat exchange station of Fernwärme Wien and a dynamicly adapting display of the same