Water Company KP Velenje



System Integrator: Ellab
Industry: Water / wastewater
Project(s): Water system Supervision
Product atvise® scada
PLCs TBOX (Semaphore)
Final Customer: KP Velenje, d.o.o., Slovenia

Ellab is a leading application company in Slovenia in automation and supervision of water and wastewater systems.
Ellab built for the customer KP Velenje a system of pump stations and water reservoirs with over 60 remote stations as well as three water treatment plants. In a system with over 4.000 tags Ellab managed to realize real time data exchange over various communication media. Within the water company organization, atvise scada is used in a central supervision room (water plant location), in several offices allover the company and through mobile phones in the field.
»Pure web technology based scada and there for supporting the capability of working on any device was one of the decision making factors«, said Primoz Roser, the Water Division manager of KP Velenje.

screenshot ellab