atvise® box and Security

atvise box security final

atvise® box with integrated VPN and firewall

When we presented the atvise® box some time ago, our priority was on an industry-oriented compact system with integrated SCADA in pure web technology. Now „the box“ is more relevant than ever: Due to the fact that security is moving more and more into the center of attention, the standard implementation of a firewall and a VPN on the system has received a lot of attention lately.

Hardly anything moves as fast in the industry as the development of the human-machine-interface (HMI) and the possibilities of providing process-related information. Many persons should have access, depending on their user rights, to a location and device independent, modern visualization of industrial machinary through a common web browsers. In order to enable a secure connection, anything what is needed for remote access, including VPN and Firewall, is provided on-board on the atvise® box. The atvise® box runs on a Linux operating system, which is firmly established as a stable firewall platform. The kernel has with its IPtables a powerful packet filter. The firewall is also customizable by the iptables. For that purpose a preconfigured example file already exists on the box. With OpenVPN a restrictive access to the application of the atvise® box was implemented that communicates via an encrypted TLS connection. The authentication is supported by certificates. To facilitate the handling an example of a configuration file has also been included on the box. After configuring these security components accordingly the user is now able to securely access the integrated SCADA System and the associated project via a standard web browser and without limitation in terms of location or device.

Simple retrofit with different topologies

The atvise® box offers itself as a low-cost functional expansion of new facilities, remote stations or other technical processes. On the other hand, the offer applies to all those companies that use partly old technological platforms and do not want to undergo a refurbishment of existing systems, but yet want to enjoy as simple as possible a cutting-edge visualization and SCADA technology. It is possible to implement the most diverse topologies and one or many controllers can work in combination with the atvise® box and use its services.

Ubiquitous access for better collaboration

With atvise® basically everyone in the company can - backed by the integrated user and rights management system – access his corresponding visualization in a web browser. Alarms, logs and trends can be viewed, historical data can be compared, the plant can be operated and optionally it is also possible to call up stored PDFs with maintenance information stored on the CFast card storage of the atvise® box. The PDFs are hereby opened in the visualization and displayed in the browser, which is a standard feature of atvise®. Regardless of that local visualizations are simultaneously available on different panels or several control stations. The operating staff can view the same visualizations as the service staff on site. Cooperation is as efficient as possible. In addition information portals with typical KPI content can be made available to management or investors at any time, whether accessed via smartphone, tablet PC or notebook.