New OpenSSL security update


18.06.2014 - OpenSSL offers a new security update, which we provide here as a new patch download for the atvise software. This patch includes also the original libraries, which were provided against the "Heartbleed Bug". If the previous "Heartbleed Bug" patch from April has been installed as recommended by us, it will simply be overwritten with the new patch. For atvise ® SCADA versions 2.3 to 2.5.1, we strongly recommend to download and install the new DLLs on all systems in use. This also applies to atvise opcua2s7 Server version 1.0 (even if it was not originally affected by „Heartbleed Bug”). Detailed installation instructions are included in the patch ZIP-file as a “Readme” file.

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For atvise webMI2ADS (all platforms) an update will be offered in the near future. For the atvise box with image version 1.0 (see atvisebox.log) we kindly ask you to contact our sales team.