Softing 's new echograph with atvise® embedded

atvise 25

1st of November, 2013

At the SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg (both 7-580) Softing introduces the latest product of the echo-family: echograph combines data backup and data visualization in a single device. Various interfaces secure communication towards control systems from different... 

...manufacturer. The HMI of the echograph is an implementation of the well-known atvise® SDK. So the process and production data are periodically extracted and displayed based on the pure web technology of atvise®. This allows a device independent visualization on PCs, laptops, tablet PCs or smartphones as a standard web browser is used as a client. To increase data safety it is possible to store process data on an SD card for later analysis.

In the case of critical changes or disturbances within operations, alarm messages are automatically send from the echograph using the integrated email client and therefor supports a faster troubleshooting. For plant operators the echograph provides locally a quick overview of their process data.