Info about the new release

With atvise® 3.8, we have dedicated an entire version primarily to the topic of security and usability in the engineering. The internal security mechanisms and the integrated web server were subjected to a so-called "penetration and vulnerability test" by external security specialists. The excellent results reflect the pioneering role of atvise® in the field of web visualization.

The atvise builder shines in new splendor: in addition to a refreshed design, it contains new usability functions for even more efficient engineering.

Furthermore, you can expect numerous up-to-date adjustments and enhancements in the area of licensing, scripting and graphical objects, which support your activities even more.

Easy switching options via tabs


The innovations at a glance:

  • New design and layout in atvise builder
  • Object library as widget
  • Editors for graphics, script and XML as independent synchronized tabs
  • Revision and adaptation of the ECMAScript syntax checker and syntax highlighter
  • More flexible licensing options
  • Functional enhancement of numerous objects of the server-side script language
  • Revision of Treeview and M1 Scope integration
  • Integration of the HighMaps component into the scope of delivery
  • Application for launching the atvise® builder associated with a project
  • Comprehensive penetration and vulnerability testing by external security specialists

New possibility of error detection


Further information

The new release can be downloaded here:

Direct link to atvise® download area