atvise® scada + box

The atvise box is an intelligent combination of industrial hard- and software in order to bring a visualization in pure web technology, device independent on SCADA-level to new and existing machinery: simply attach to the DIN rail and to the existing network – the rest is done by the atvise box.


atvise® scada on board

The extreme solid atvise® box comes with atvise® scada. Such a powerful hardware platform in combination with a HMI und SCADA solution is unique. Amoung others it provides the modernization of plants without changing the existing controllers. Multiple controllers in a network can be connected to the atvise® box and use its services. Thanks to the client-server-architecture the opportunity to create diverse topologies is given. You can subordinate serveral atvise® box modules to several SCADA systems. 

The heart of the atvise® box is a power packed component: a truly compact industrial PC in a fanless aluminum case, equipped with an Atom 1,6 GHz processor and up to 64 GB of removeable data storage. Linux has been chosen as operating system. Everything needed to connect remotely, e.g. VPN and firewall, is on board.


Übersicht technische Daten

Feature Description
CPU, Chipset Atom E680 (1.6GHz) Topcliff
Dram 1GB onbaord

2 x ETH 10/100/1000 Mbit/s

2 Modi: Switch + Router

USB 1 USB 2.0 (Full-Speed)
Removeable data storage 1 x CFast Slot. (lifespan depending on throughput)
Operating Temperature -30* bis 60*C fan free (without condensation)
Shock resistance

EN60068-2-27 (Test Ea) tested

(15 g, 11 ms duration)

Vibration resistance

EN60068-2-6 (Test Fc) tested

(58 Hz bis 150 Hz, 1,0 g)

Watchdog function Yes(Hardware)
Features Description
Operating system based onLinux Debian 6.0.5
atvise scada Version 2.5.2004

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) resp.

Siemens S7 TCP (S7 300/400 compatible)(*)

Firewall Yes
FTP Server Yes
Configuration Software Yes

When do you need an atvise® box?

  • You always wanted to upgrade and modernize the visualization of your machinery to a web browser based SCADA system - accessible from anywhere.
  • You want to distribute a visualization of an existing industrial process, which is currently only accessible directly on your machinery, with little effort throughout the company. In addition it shall support SCADA relevant features and offer browser-based visualization.
  • You want to visualize and operate your machinery purely browser based on tablet PCs and smartphones on the level of a SCADA system.
  • You want your service & support team to connect to existing machinery or plants – device-independent and via web browser – and being able to interact on SCADA bases.
  • You want to connect to and access machinery within a commissioning process.

    These are only a few examples of applications. As we have learned so far: in a practical environment there are a multitude of reasons to integrate the atvise box, which are mainly deduced out of operational needs. We gladly support you in finding the right solution for your needs.