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scada hot-standby redundancy in pure web technology

201710 AutlookTitelseite

Autlook: Edition 10/2017

Scada hot-standby redundancy in pur web technology.

atvise scada - production and operating data logging at a glance

201710 ProcessControlTitelseite

Process&Control: Edition October 2017

Production and operating data logging at a glance: Read how pester pac automation machines provide, with the aid of atvise® scada, information straight from a browser by using pure web technology.

Communicate meaningful data reliably

Edition 6 Austromatisierung 2017

For visualization, predefined objects for atvise® are provided in the "Waterworx" library, which can be easily linked to the control function. Read how Phoenix Contact reduces its engineering effort: 



"Bearly" handling

Technik Reportagen Ausgabe 4 / 2017

The Vorarlberg cableway builders Doppelmayr have revolutionized their control system and thus also the operating elements at the operator stations for users. Read why Doppelmayr consciously chose the HMI product atvise® SCADA:

Link to the youtube Video:

atvise Portal as base for Bachmann's Fleet Management Solution

computer automation

Edition S4 / 2016

Modern engineering tools assume in the future the capturing, aggregating and analyzing of data of the built-in machine sensors and actuators and thus become a knowledge memory. Base of this approach is the atvise Portal (private cloud solution).

Successfull recipe at Bachmann


Edition 2/ 2016

Bachmann electronic achieves double-digit sales growth by providing new solutions. Also with the aid of the Eisenstadt-based Bachmann subsidiary Certec EDV GmbH, which continues to expand the family of products of atvise®.

Scada-Redundancy in pure web technology

201609 Computer Automation Titelstory

Edition 09/ 2016

Location-independent access from any browser-enabled device on a plant, thats the reason why SCADA systems in pure web technology are increasing in popularity. So far, a reliable operation was not possible but that changes now with the "Hot-Standby redundancy".

Refreshment for Watermanagement


Edition SPS: 11/2016, P&A: 10/2016

Read how, togehter with Phoenix Contact, Gedako and atvise®, the water supply of the Hachenburg Association and their 33 local communities have been renewed.

Wastewater treatment in pure Web-Technology


Edition 2 / 2016

Read how two small businesses have managed to bring one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Burgenland on the cutting edge of technology using atvise. 

Intelligent Communication Center based on Pure Web Technology

openautomation 5 2015 titelstory

Issue 5 / 2015

After a market anaysis Hoval AG from Liechtenstein decided that the product line atvise® is the perfect basis solution to upgrade their range of systems for local and district heating solutions. Read more in the attached PDF file. (German)

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