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atvise® 3.0.0 released

atvise 3-0-0

29.04.2016, atvise® 3.0.0 is Ready for Download

The worldwide first Hot Standby Redundancy in pure web technology is reality: With version 3.0.0 we now offer our customers the option of a failsafe atvise® SCADA solution. However, the version includes a variety of other improvements, new features and internal optimizations that of course also affect the standalone version.
Thus, we invite you to download the latest version atvise® 3.0.0 in our download area. Additional technical information can be found in the "Readme" of the installed version, in the release notes as well as in our "Technology" section. We wish you a successfull working with atvise®!

New Downloads on atvise® live

atvise live new downloads EN

25.04.2016 - new library elements for atvise® live

Our download platform has been extended with new library examples. Among them are horizontal or vertical bars, checkboxes, sliders or rockerswitches. Each item is available in three different styles.
You will find these downloads in the category "Library Elements" and these can be accessed directly from the atvise builder (Engineering Tool). It's worthwhile checking atvise® live regularly.

Get information about how you, as a user, are able to provide your own examples for the community.

Second Patch for atvise® v2.5.9

patch new

06.04.2016, atvise® version 2.5.9

We have just released a second patch for atvise® 2.5.9 (which includes Patch 1 from 5.2.2016). Information on the implemented bug fixes as well as the update process are described in the "Readme" file of the download. Please download the file from our download section "atvise® 2.5.9".
We wish you a continued successful monitoring and control with atvise® products.

Review LogiMAT 2016

Logimat 2016

14.03.2016, 1.280 international exhibitors and atvise® in the middle...

LogiMAT 2016, the largest annual intralogistics trade fair, was with a total of 43,000 visitors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre and an average growth of over 10% compared with the previous year a great success.

Patch for atvise® v2.5.9

patch new

05.02.2016, atvise® version 2.5.9

We have just released the latest patch for atvise® 2.5.9. Information on the implemented bug fix as well as the update process are described in the "Readme" file of the download. Please download the file from our download section "atvise® 2.5.9".
We wish you a continued successful monitoring and control with atvise® products.

atvise® 2.5.9 released

atvise 258

23.12.2015, atvise® 2.5.9 is Ready for Download

The latest atvise® release with the version number 2.5.9 is now ready for download in our download section. This release contains bugfixes only - for more information please see the "Readme" as part of the download or the related release notes. We wish you further on a successful working with atvise®!

NEW: Tutorial Videos for atvise®


19.06.2015 - From the beginners up to the professional users

Now working with atvise® gets even more comfortable: let us show you how to use our tool starting off with licensing, how to create your own objectdisplays up to object-oriented engineering - all covered in our new video library. The first 12 videos are now available and we are already working on an expansion.

Go to the Video-Section->

atvise® at the OPC Day Europe 2015

opc day europe 2015

19th May 2015, Paris (France)

OPC UA has positioned itself as the central element of interoperability in the industry. This is also emphasized by the role that OPC UA plays in the Industry 4.0 initiative. On OPC Day Europe you can find out about the many advantages of this communication standard, which motivated Certec to develop atvise products based on OPC UA.

The following topics are part of the agenda:
- Learn how OPC UA fits into the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
- Hear why end-users are requiring vendors to build OPC UA into their products
Hear how Microsoft is positioning Azure with OPC UA extensions

We hope to welcome you at our partner booth! You can find more information here: https://opcfoundation.org/

Nautilus 4.0 - livedemo right from the shipyard

nautilus 40 EN

03.03.2015, New Live Demo and atvise® live content

First shown on the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg the new Nautilus 4.0 has left the shipyard and can be controlled on our live demo site. When developing the new demo our focus was on futuristic design and modern controls (BOYD) that works for smart devices with touch and multi touch gestures as well as classic workspaces like desktop environments with keyboard and mouse.

We offer this project as download on our platform atvise® live. We want to give a look behind the scenes to show how this sector-neutral demo is setup in regards to graphical elements, scripts and objects.

Go to Nautilus 4.0 Live Demo (you need to be signed in)
Learn more about atvise® live

Change in Management

changeOfManagement EN

13.02.2015, Leopold Matouschek takes over management of Certec

The steady growth of Certec leeds to operational changes. For further expansion and the future development in the line of business, the management is now being rearranged. By February 1, 2015 Leopold Matouschek takes over as CEO of Certec. Leopold Matouschek, previously sales manager at Certec, has gathered many years of experience in international companies and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of sales management and business development. The change in management will be executed, due to the request of Michael Haas, founder and former CEO, who withdraws from executive affairs and will proceed on strategic priority tasks